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Booking Terms



1.1 Application, origin and validity of the agreement
These terms and conditions apply to Condo Group Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Condo.fi”) and a customer when a customer deposits Condo.fi accommodation and Condo.fi provides accommodation services and related ancillary services.

You agree to comply with these terms when making a reservation. The reservation will be binding on the parties by a booking confirmation provided by Condo.fi. Before booking confirmation, Condo.fi may require security, reservation or pre-payment or other reasonable performance.

The accommodation agreement defines the term of the contract and termination time. An agreement valid for an indefinite period may be terminated by written notice of termination in accordance with the agreed notice period. The termination notice has to be delivered in approved writing.

The notice period begins to run from the start of the following month / week / day, after the notice of termination, depending on whether the notice period is defined in months, weeks or days. In any event, a contract for an indefinite period may be terminated at the earliest when at least the period corresponding to the notice period has elapsed since the beginning of the contract period.

1.2 Customer’s responsibility for the stay
Accommodation means either a customer of this agreement or a natural person who is otherwise identified by the customer who has the right to use the Condo.fi property and the services ordered by the customer in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the contracts accommodation agreement.

Accommodation services can be used either by the customer himself and / or by the guest’s employee, related party or other person belonging to the client’s interest group. The Customer is also responsible for complying with the obligations of this Agreement with respect to the resident. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the guest is aware of the terms and conditions of use of the accommodation.


2.1 Obligation to pay and security
The price of the accommodation and the customer’s payment obligation are defined in the accommodation contract. If a third party has been declared to be responsible for the agreed price and related costs in the accommodation contract, who does not pay the fees. Then  the customer who has placed the order is responsible for paying the fees. In all cases the one responsible for taking care of the fees is the customer who has signed the accommodation agreement contract. In the case of a business customer, the company and the company’s employee who has signed the contract is responsible for taking care of all the fees.

If Condo.fi has required to receive a security deposit when concluding the contract, the security deposit will be returned without undue delay when all the customer’s contractual obligations have been fulfilled and there is no basis for cancellation of this action.

2.2 Delay in payments
When the payment obligations are delayed, a 16% default interest is applied and a late payment invoice is charged for a handling fee of EUR 20 or a reasonable collection cost exceeding the processing fee. Condo.fi has the right to charge the customer for first payment interest and other expenses as well as for additional services before lodging compensation. If the customer has not paid the due invoices despite the payment request. Any other outstanding invoices that are to be invoiced according to the accommodation agreement will become due immediately to be paid.

2.3 Replacing Damage, Harm and Disruption
The Customer is liable to compensate Condo.fi for any damages, disadvantages and disturbances that the customer / guest himself / herself with his / her permission to stay at the accommodation or visitor intentionally or by neglect or other negligent conduct causes accommodation, equipment and furniture to other holdings or third parties and their property. Damage caused by domestic animals is also the responsibility of the customer.

2.4 Costs of final cleaning
At the end of the accommodation, the accommodation must be cleaned and handed over to Condo.fi in the same condition as it was at the start of the accommodation contract. If the accommodation facilities are not in the same condition as at the beginning of the accommodation, and the customer has not signed a contract for the final cleaning, the costs of cleaning the Condo.fi customer will be charged. The costs for the disposal and storage of the furniture left in the accommodation facilities are also charged.

2.5 Consumption over reasonable use
The accommodation price includes the reasonable use of electricity, water, heat and possibly other commodities, unless otherwise agreed. The customer is obligated to compensate Condo.fi for consumption beyond the reasonable use of water, electricity and heat or the use of the Internet. Consumption that does not significantly exceed the typical consumption of housing is considered reasonable.

2.6 Correctness of the information provided
The Customer is responsible for ensuring that his information provided during the booking process is correct and up to date. The customer is obligated to ensure that Condo.fi has up-to-date customer invoicing information available at all times. Condo.fi may be confident, inter alia, that the contact information provided during the booking process is valid unless the customer otherwise writes in writing.

2.7 Error Messages and Error Correction
Observations and complaints relating to the equipment, equipment and condition of the accommodation must be made without delay, and within 24 hours of the beginning of the accommodation or the occurrence of the error at the expense of loss of right. Condo.fi has the right to correct the errors within a reasonable time.


3.1 Performing a service
Condo.fi is responsible for ensuring that the booked accommodation is available to the customer during the agreed period of time. Condo.fi will provide the customer with the equipment and additional services ordered by the customer as agreed. Even if the customer does not use the agreed additional services, he will not be relieved of their liability.

Condo.fi is responsible for ensuring that the property is in a condition as well as the customer’s age, area apartment stock, Condo.fi residence description and other local conditions, may reasonably be required, unless otherwise agreed upon. Condo.fi is responsible for the normal wear and tear of the accommodation and its equipment, the functionality of the service and the costs involved. 

3.2 Replacement accommodation
Unless Condo.fi is exceptionally able to offer a reserved accommodation or if the use of replacement accommodation is necessary for any other important reason, Condo.fi has the right to provide the host accommodation with the corresponding additional accommodation costs without the client’s additional costs. The equivalence of the accommodation is evaluated by Condo.fi.

3.3 Price changes
Condo.fi has the right to increase the price of the accommodation after the contract has been created on the following grounds:

  1. legislative changes and decisions by the authorities affecting the price of accommodation.
  2. b. general cost change
  3. the number of guests will increase

Price changes will be notified to the customer in writing and the new prices will be effective from the first day of the calendar month following the announcement. The announcement can be done by email.

3.4 Minimum limit of the guarantee or overdraft
Condo.fi does not, in principle, return the remaining security or overdraft if the amount returned is less than 15 euros.

3.5. Damages and liability restriction
In the event of a delay in the assignment of a property or the quality of the accommodation has been significantly reduced due to a mistake made by Condo.fi and no error or delays have been remedied within a reasonable time, the customer is entitled to refunds or the full refund of the payment. Under no circumstances will Condo.fi be liable for any indirect or indirect damages, and the customer is not entitled to damages if Condo.fi can prove that the error or delay is due to the force majeure of Section 3.6 or the Authority’s request or prohibition in accordance with Section 3.7.

3.6 Force majeure
As a force majeure, water damage, accident, fire, strike, natural disaster, power outage, power outage, water and sewage problems, heating problems, internet connection interruptions and third party maintenance, repairs or other work are considered as a force majeure. The overriding obstacle encountered by the Condo Group’s partner is also considered as the Condo.fi disclaimer.

3.7 Authority requests and prohibitions
If Condo.fi does not provide the customer with already agreed accommodation or unilaterally terminate the accommodation agreement due to a prohibition or request for a particular guest of the authority. Condo.fi is entitled to charge reasonable cancellation costs from the customer, at least 500 euros to cover the costs.

3.8. Cancellation of reservation
If Condo.fi can not deliver the accommodation to the customer due to force majeure as defined in section 3.6, Condo.fi may unilaterally cancel the reservation made. The cancellation must be notified to the customer as soon as possible and without delay return all customer charges. In this case Condo.fi is not responsible for the possible financial damages that may occur to the customer.


4.1 Accommodation
Reserved accommodation is available to the guest by 18.00 at the agreed date of the accommodation, unless otherwise agreed. At the end of the stay, the accommodation must be vacated on the last day of the stay by 12 noon, unless otherwise agreed.

4.2 Resettlement of the Host
Unless Condo.fi is exceptionally able to offer a reserved accommodation for the entire stay or if the use of replacement accommodation is necessary for any other important reason, Condo.fi has the right to transfer the accommodation to the corresponding accommodation without the additional costs incurred by the customer. Condo.fi notifies the customer of the replacement accommodation in writing 5 days prior to the transfer. If you do not agree with Condo.fi and Condo.fi is not reasonably able to arrange a site that meets the customer’s wishes, releases Condo.fi from the organization of accommodation and the contract is discharged. If the alternative accommodation is more expensive than the original accommodation, Condo.fi has the obligation to replace the difference for up to 2 first-week accommodations. After this, the customer is responsible for the price difference, unless exceptionally agreed otherwise.

4.3 Obligations to provide information to the resident
Upon arrival at the accommodation, the guest must provide the correct and legally required travel information or other personal information necessary for the operation of Condo.fi, unless this information has been provided before. The landlord must be able to prove his / her identity upon request.

4.4 Obligations relating to the use of the accommodation
The accommodation may be used by the accommodation for normal living and overnight stays. The object or part of the accommodation must not be handed over to another person unless it has been agreed in writing with Condo.fi.

a. The host is to care for the accommodation and the belongings and equipment, and to use the accommodation, furniture and equipment for normal use only.
The guest has an obligation to ensure that
– the apartment and the common facilities remain cozy
– the waste is brought in time in the waste container
– the lights and electrical equipment are switched off and the water taps and connections are closed when leaving the apartment and when the guest is sleeping
– the doors are locked and the windows are always closed when leaving the apartment – the door codes are not taken outside by the accommodation
– no changes will be made to the accommodation
– the detected error or omission is immediately communicated to Condo.fi.

b. There is no reason for causing a disturbance in the accommodation and the accommodation must not be disturbed by the behavior of those living in the vicinity of the accommodation. During your stay, you must follow the rules of the accommodation and the instructions and regulations issued by the authorities.

c. Accommodation and other accommodation facilities should not smoke or use fragrances that could hinder the staying of the next resident, and do not use intoxicants or engage in criminal activities. The cost of smoking or other odor removal is borne by the customer and the costs are fully billed, including the work done by an outside professional. d. Domestic animals must not be brought to the apartment without the consent of Condo.fi.

If the Guest has been seriously or repeatedly acting in violation of these rules, the Condo.fi cancellation agreement and the accommodation can be immediately removed from the accommodation. In such a case, the guest can not claim the refund, compensation or reduction of the payments made for the contract price.

4.5 Personal belongings of the host
Condo.fi is not responsible for any items left in the apartment or in the public spaces. 4.6 Condo.fi’s right to access the property

To check the condition of the accommodation, you must allow Condo.fi to send a visitor to visit the accommodation for an inspection. If necessary, a Condo.fi representative or a third party, such as the owner of the apartment or his authorized person, has the right to check the accommodation and to reach the destination for marketing purposes without the consent of the host. If Customer has ordered services from Condo.fi that require a visit to the property, no prior notice will be given to the guest at the time of the visit.

4.7 Communications related to customer service
During the validity of the accommodation agreement, Condo.fi may send customer and resident messages by e-mail and SMS messages to customer service reminders, such as contractual deadlines.

4.8 Condition of the accommodation and the goods of the host after the expiry of the accommodation
At the end of the accommodation contract period, the accommodation must be returned to Condo.fi carefully cleaned and emptied by the guest’s own goods, unless otherwise agreed with Condo.fi. Condo.fi has the right to empty and clean the accommodation facility and to store or deliver the disposable goods for storage if the apartment has not left the apartment after the expiry of the accommodation or the transfer has not been otherwise agreed. Low value property is allowed to be thrown away. Accommodation for those who have stayed in the accommodation will be delivered to Suomen Löytötavarapalvelu Oy, from where the goods can be acquired by their general terms and conditions. Price lists and terms are available on Suomen Löytötavarapalvelu Oy’s website www.loytotavara.net.

4.9 Returning the keys of the accommodation

The customer is required to return all keys, access permits, parking permits and other similar items when the stay ends. These will be agreed with Condo Group oy where the keys and other similar items will be returned. If the customer does not return all the keys, Condo Group oy will invoice €250 + VAT per piece for the missing keys etc. Condo Group oy invoices the customer according to the actual expenses.

The customer is aware and accepts that if the customer does not return all the keys they have taken over, it may lead to the locks of the entire apartment or housing association being renewed. Condo will invoice the customer for damages resulting from this in full. Changing the locks can cause thousands of euros.


5.1 Disclaimer by Condo.fi
Condo.fi has the right to terminate the accommodation agreement during the stay if it becomes apparent that the client or the guest is substantially violating this agreement. The contract will terminate immediately upon notification of the landing declaration or later if Condo.fi has announced a later date. After the demolition, this agreement preserves its significance as the basis for calculating the remuneration.

Condo.fi has the right to terminate the agreement immediately on the following grounds:
– Payoffs
– A customer or a third party who has undertaken to pay for the costs of accommodation services has been declared into liquidation, corporate restructuring, bankrupt or has otherwise been found unable to meet its contractual obligations or if the customer or third party’s financial position is substantially impaired unless the customer pays the advance or additional security specified by Condo.fi. – Disposal of property on the contrary to the contract
– Causing the disturbance
– Damage to the accommodation and other accommodation facilities
– Failure to comply with the rules of the house and the authorities
– Criminal activity inside the accommodation.
– The accommodation is used for a purpose other than the normal living and overnight stay of the guest. Or if the person being accommodated constantly allows outsiders to the accommodation facility, who have not been named according to section 4.3 as being accommodated into the facility.

5.2 Customer’s Right to Cancel
The customer can cancel the accommodation contract if Condo.fi has not had the error or delay corrected within the deadline and the breach of contract is essential. A document is drawn up about the termination, where the practices for terminating the contract are mutually agreed upon.


If a part of the contract is, or will become, due to legal changes, by virtue of an authority order or for any other reason invalid or null and void, the rest of the agreement remains in force.


This agreement is governed by Finnish law. The parties note that this agreement concerns the sale of accommodation services not subject to the law on the leasing of residential premises.

Any dispute arising out of the terms of this agreement or the agreement will be settled by the North Savo / Finland District Court.