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CEO Review: Condo Group took a fight victory out of the corona year

Condo Group Oy, which specializes in the accommodation of companies’ working groups and furnished apartments, finally survived the corona year 2020 well.

Janne Immonen, CEO of the company, estimates that last year’s net sales will be slightly lower than the previous record year, but will rise to more than 1.5 million euros. Operating profit will still remain at the 2019 level.

The exact figures for 2020 are promised in connection with the financial statements in the spring. In the record year of 2019, Condo’s net sales were 1.87 million euros and the result was plus 174,000 euros.

Last year can be considered a tough achievement. The corona crisis hit the hotel and accommodation industry with full force. Accommodation volumes fell sharply across the industry.

Condo Group also went to canvas last spring, but reached a new rise over the summer. Economic life recovered and companies needed accommodation for their employees.

-The year was the most challenging of my life. Sales were lost by hundreds of thousands of euros and sometimes it seemed that things would be done completely, Immonen describes.

However, diligent faith in doing and developing operations got the company on its feet. Immonen says that in 2020, Condo focused on developing the company. This will continue in 2021.

-The most important thing is that we completed the automation concept and developed a new customer management system. But not yet in terms of growth. This year, the systems and processes will be put in order. In this way, we will be able to serve our customers even better in the future.

Immonen praises corporate and private customers who have trusted Condo and used its services. In addition to the automation concept, the success was based on successful recruitment of employees.

Aparthotel Vanha Postitalo operated by Condo in Varkaus turned into an automatic hotel and Motel Online started in Porvoo with the same concept.

You can log in to the hotel 24/7 with your smartphone and key code. Room reservations can be made online.

For Vanha Postitalo, the year followed Condo’s overall situation. Especially in the summer, a hotel was full of guests.

-It’s finally a good year behind us. Customers have liked our system and taken over the concept. The automatic hotel has already revolutionized customer care in Varkaus.

Immonen estimates that during 2021, the automation concept will be further developed. The opening year was a lab that taught a lot.

-This encourages making more places with the same template, Immonen promises.

The completely renovated Aparthotel Vanha Postitalo has room levels for every departure. There is a two-room apartment with a balcony, a 50-inch TV, a private kitchen, a shower and a washing machine, or simpler rooms suitable for the budget traveler. There is also a shared kitchen and washing machine.

If you want your company’s accommodation to be handled easily and quickly, then contact us. We will help you find the accommodation you need, even on a quick schedule. The request for quotation can be submitted directly from Condo.fi’s website: https://www.condo.fi/quotation-request/

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