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Condo accommodates Silvasti’s drivers homely

Kuljetusliike Ville Silvasti Oy, which specializes in special and heavy transport and project logistics, has relied on Condo Group Oy’s services in accommodation matters.

It is important for the transport company that the accommodation is managed by a company that specializes in it. This way, people working on projects can focus on their own work without having to take extra stress out of accommodation.

– When the accommodation is in order, every employee can also be guaranteed the opportunity to calm down and recover sufficiently between working days, says Silvasti’s marketing coordinator Heidi Lehtonen.

She mentions that there is a need for accommodation, as the transport company often works on a project-by-project basis.

– Projects related to wind transport in particular can be very long-term, in which case they invariably require some form of accommodation at one or both ends of the transport route.

Cooking, laundry and privacy necessary

According to Lehtonen, project accommodation in furnished apartments arranged by Condo is more cost-effective than hotel accommodation. Especially when there are a lot of guests. And it is not always possible or sensible to stay in vehicles.

– During long projects, it is not always possible to stay in the vehicle alone, as drivers must be able to be provided with washing facilities, cooking facilities and laundry facilities.

The company’s transports are often carried out at special times and in many parts, which is why it is important that each driver is given the opportunity to rest exactly on their own schedule. Project accommodation is usually quite homely, which is appreciated by the transport company’s staff.

– Our employees appreciate the fact that they have the opportunity for their own peace and privacy. The possibility of washing laundry and the possibility of cooking are especially important to us, explains Lehtonen.

Silvasti uses the services of companies offering project accommodation, but is also looking for accommodation options from private landlords.

– We always map accommodation options as comprehensively as possible in many ways. Project accommodation is often sought especially during the early part of the year and throughout the year according to project schedules.

Lehtonen says that the sizes of transport projects vary a lot, which is why accommodation needs also vary.

– Sometimes we need accommodation for 10 people and in other projects we only need accommodation for 1-2 people.

Lehtonen considers transactions and cooperation with the Condo Group to be effective. The advantages are the ease and speed of the service.

– In addition, Condo has information about local opportunities or resources to find out about them, which we may not find at Silvasti.

Special transports all over Europe

Kuljetusliike Ville Silvasti Oy operates in several locations in Finland and throughout Europe, Russia and the former CIS countries. The family business is the largest player in special and heavy transport in Northern Europe.

– As a specialist in northern conditions in particular, we are at the forefront of large special transport projects throughout Northern Europe, emphasizes Lehtonen.

The history of the company dates back to the 1970s. The family business background is still visible in operations on a daily basis, although Silvasti has grown into a large company over the years.

Silvasti company is headquartered in Jyväskylä, but also has offices in Denmark, Poland and Russia.

You can visit Kuljetusliike Ville Silvast here.

Through Condo Group, companies can find furnished apartments and accommodation solutions all over Finland and Sweden quickly and easily.

Condo’s offer is available on the company’s website www.condo.fi. The request for quotation can also be submitted via the website or by e-mail sales@condo.fi or by phone +358 2937 10050.


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