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Condo and a growth frenzy

Providing furnished homes and project accommodation, the Condo Group aims for rapid and strong growth in the coming years.

Condo is counting on growth especially from abroad. Timo Jaakkila, who started as a business development manager in August, is in charge of the company’s internationalization.

He has a long and varied background in various corporate development roles in the private and public sectors. Jaakkila has worked for large companies in Varkaus and as a business advisor for the City of Varkaus.

Alongside development, internationalization has been one of the key issues in his work career. The international market is also in the focus of Condo.

– Internationalization and growth go hand in hand. Businesses and contractors operating in Finland must be taken over, but growth will also come from abroad, says Jaakkila.

He reminds that Condo Group’s vision is to provide its customers with superior accommodation wherever they are.

-The goal is to achieve a turnover of EUR 10 million in five years, invest in working partnerships and profile as a tailor-made, reliable and competent service provider.

Currently, the company has a good drive on. The number of overnight stays in 2019 approximates 100,000 and, in turnover, EUR 2 million.

The key to Condo is to go where internationally operating companies. 

-You won’t do this thing alone. We need partners if we go to the world. Partners must be found in the target country.

Jaakkila emphasizes that good partners are a prerequisite for growth. Partners should aim for the same quality.

-The item to be delivered to the customer must comply with the contract. Keeping on schedule and cost is also quality.

In project accommodation, the customer’s need comes quickly and must be responded to in a short time without sacrificing quality. Quality builds on the company’s brand. One of the messages from Condo is that the company is also a good employer.

– In Finland, the competition is tough enough. However, a condo can stand out with quality of service, flexibility and speed. We don’t have the stiffness of a big company. Our competitive advantage is our constant and solid customer contact, which helps us anticipate the customer’s accommodation needs, Jaakkila says.

Jaakkila emphasizes that growth requires continuous development and improvement of operations.

-But now I can say that Condo is in the midst of a growth frenzy.

Kimmo Halonen

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