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Condo.fi booming – record number of overnight stays

Condo.fi, which specializes in arranging furnished apartments and project accommodation, is in a strong mood. The company has set new records for the number of overnight stays and the growth target for the next few years is high.

Janne Immonen, Managing Director of Condo.fi, has a bold vision that company aims to be a leading domestic and international mass accommodation provider.

Immonen expects this year’s net sales to be approximately EUR 1.8 million, which will double from 2018. In five years, the target is to increase net sales to EUR 10 million.

Last year, for the first time, the company reached the daily rate of 200 guests. By early autumn 2019, the 300 line had already broken and in October, 400 had broken. This week, the record was 457.

-It came as a bit of a surprise how fast the 400’s broke. We gained customer relationships and projects and were able to act quickly, Immonen says.

The speed of the company and services is illustrated by a case where speed saved the customer a big contract. Based on Monday’s customer contact, Condo.fi arranged accommodation for 60 people, with 38 people already on Wednesday and 22 people on Thursday.

-Without Condo.fi, the client company would not have been able to accept the work. No wonder the customer was very satisfied, says Immonen.

Condo provides accommodation in 29 locations in Finland and 2 locations in Sweden.

In addition to speed, Condo.fi's strengths include ease of service and customized accommodation based on agreed quality criteria. When the customer indicates how many people will come, Condo.fi will arrange the apartment and furnish it according to the agreed level.

– The apartments are designed for travelers; has kitchens, cooking utensils, blackout curtains and decent beds, Immonen sums up.

Condo.fi currently employs eight people in Varkaus. The corporate office is located at Navitas Business Services.

Website: Condo.fi
Further information: Condo.fi, Managing Director Janne Immonen 040-1259291, info@condo.fi


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