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Condo.fi’s good mood continued – apartments all over Finland

Condo Group Oy, which arranges furnished apartments and project accommodation, has continued at a good level during 2021, although Covid19 has also left its mark this year.

– Condo.fi’s furnished apartments have been a good “trade”. There has been demand and the occupancy rate has remained good. Covid19 has disciplined, but we will continue to maintain our good level, describes Jaakko Räsänen, Condo’s chief operating officer.

A good example is Condo’s own automatic hotel, Vanha Postitalo in Varkaus. Guests have found a hotel that has been packed almost all the time.- Although it was an exceptional year, we have been able to expand the co-operation network around the Nordic countries and Europe, and through that we have been able to accommodate the staff and working groups according to the wishes of the companies. We have also invested in sales and added a staff of furniture, Räsänen mentions.

Condo.fi has arranged several ready-made apartments for companies across Finland. For example, in Raisio, the condo arranged 10 apartments for 35 people. There are 17 apartments and 25 occupants in Siikalatva. In addition, there are properties in Karstula, Nivala, Levi, Mikkeli and Pyhäjoki.
Of these, Karstula, Raisio and Siikalatva have been new locations on the Condo map.
Also in Siilinjärvi, Condo has been arranging accommodation for a long time. Now in the fall, 50 people in the locality have found a finished apartment through Condo.fi. In addition to Finland, Condo.fi also operates in Sweden, where 50 people are coming to the big project.

– It is worth asking us for accommodation, no matter the work project, in Finland or Sweden. Where the project, there Condo, sums up Räsänen.
At the end of September, Condo will also be vacating furnished apartments in several locations. There are completed apartments in Hamina, Imatra, Kauhajoki, Teuvo, Kokkola, Kotka, Pori, Siilinjärvi and Vantaa, among others. In Simo, apartments are being vacated in October.
Through Condo.fi, companies can find furnished apartments and accommodation solutions all over Finland and Sweden quickly and easily.

– If we don’t have apartments, we’ll arrange them. Contact us and leave a request for quotation. Through an ever-expanding cooperation network, we can offer furnished apartments in even more remote areas, Räsänen encourages.

Condo Group furnished apartments and project accomondation can be found on the website www.condo.fi. The request for quotation can also be submitted via the website or contacted by e-mail sales@condo.fi or by phone +358 2937 10050.


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