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Condo Group achieved a record result

Condo Group Oy, which provides furnished apartments and accommodation for work groups, achieved a record result last year, despite the corona pandemic and difficult starting points.

– Yes, last year’s turnover and result were the result of hard work and raw work. You have to be really happy. This was a great combat victory against the Covid19 crisis, concludes CEO Janne Immonen.

Condo Group’s result for 2020 was EUR 260,000, compared to EUR 174,000 in the previous year with higher turnover. (see table at the end of the bulletin)

The company’s turnover in 2020 was handsome EUR 1,543,000 compared to the circumstances. There was a drop in net sales of approximately EUR 300,000 from 2019, but despite this, the result for the financial year bounced to a new record.

– We have been able to serve our customers even better and on an ever-widening front around Finland and Sweden.

Immonen says that Condo’s success was supported by the automated hotel concept. Vanha Postitalo in Varkaus has done well and the concept has been delivered elsewhere. For example, Motel Online in Porvoo introduced an automatic concept.

The outlook for this year is good. The start of the year has been better than last year and business is picking up in the whole industry.

TV Show Diili brought visibility – now the focus is on own businesses

Immonen has been strongly featured recently and on the lips of many. He has released new music and videos and been involved in the TV show Diili season seen on channels Nelonen and Ruutu.

The experience of reality TV was great and Immonen had lifelong friends in his back pocket. The fall in Diili’s last Monday episode was a little surprising, but the world doesn’t crash into it.

-On the other hand, falling was even a relief. I found that I want to continue to run my own business and not be at work with anyone. I usually come up with things myself and do it myself.

Diili is considered by Immonen to be a good “boost” for businesses, as visibility came. Now is the time again to take our own companies and their customers forward, focus on furnished apartments and build automated hotels.

– Music will continue to come and a new book will be published during the spring. The Rock Your Day concept is a nice hobby. I also want to encourage and help other people to do different things, Immonen assures.

Condo Group Oy

                                                                              2018                  2019                  2020

Turnover, EUR                                                                    843,000            1,871,000         1,543,000

Operating profit, EUR                                                         10,000               175,000            260,000

Additional information: Janne Immonen, President and CEO of Condo Group Oy, janne@condo.fi, +358 40 125 9291.

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