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Condo Group is once again praised for its success

Condo Group Oy from Varkaus Finland, which organizes furnished apartments and project accommodation, has once again received recognition for its successful operations.

As a recent recognition, Condo Group has received the Achievers 2021 certificate. The recognition is a good continuation of the Achievers 2020 certificate received last year and the title of the Strongest in Finland 2021 awarded by Suomen Asiakastieto at the beginning of the year.

The Achievers certificate is based on the success rating of Alma Talent Information Services. Alma Talent publishes newspaper Kauppalehti.

-It’s great that we have got the Achievers -title again. The work has been done hard and here is the award. Although net sales fell slightly last year, the company’s operating profit improved. The fight victory was taken from the covid19. So, we have to be satisfied, CEO Janne Immonen says.

In addition, the condo has succeeded in developing an automatic hotel template. In addition, the company’s systems and processes have been developed to serve even larger customers.

Based on the key figure comparisons, Condo Group is ranked among the best companies in its industry.

According to the analysis of the financial statements, Condo Group’s net profit improved significantly from the previous year. Net income for the financial year was EUR 202,000, an improvement of EUR 65,000.

Condo’s net sales clearly decreased and fell from EUR 1.9 million to EUR 1.5 million, but the company’s EBITDA improved significantly. Similarly, the equity ratio and liquidity improved from the previous year. Indebtedness remained at the previous year’s level.

Further information: Condo Group Oy, President and CEO Janne Immonen +358401259291, janne@condo.fi

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