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Condo recovered from the corona crisis

The operations of Condo Group Oy (Condo.fi), which arranges furnished apartments and project accommodation, have recovered well during the summer from the slump caused by the corona crisis (covid19).
In June, Condo.fi set an all-time sales record. Otherwise, the business seems to have recovered from the interest rate spring and the economic recession it brought.
According to CEO Janne Immonen, the order backlog in July and August has also been at a good level.
The summer months tell us that the wheel of the economy and society are rotating better. Business teams again need accommodation for projects.
-We have had a good mood for the summer. It is still difficult to say about the autumn. The outlook for September-October, for example, is still good, but a possible second wave of the corona (covid19) makes me think, Immonen ponders.
But in the summer, customers have moved really well and there has been demand for accommodation services again. Condo.fi has arranged accommodation for even large groups.
-Condo Group invests especially in arranging project accommodation for companies. We are able to offer even wider accommodation capacity in different parts of Finland, for example now in Kotka, Immonen says.
Of course, individual guests and travelers have been well on the move. For example, Condo Group’s automatic hotel in the Old Post House in Varkaus has been almost full all summer.
CEO Immonen commends the renewed staff for their active hard work. Spring recruitments were successful; the company’s sales play great and customers are served with quality.
-If you want your company’s accommodation to be handled easily and quickly, then contact us. We help you find the accommodation you need, even on a quick schedule, encourages Immonen.
The request for quotation can be submitted directly from Condo.fi’s website: https://www.condo.fi/quotation-request/


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