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Furnished apartments and project accommodation in Hämeenlinna

Condo.fi arranges furnished apartments and project accommodation also in Hämeenlinna.  Condo.fi provides as much accommodation as the customer needs; easily, quickly and to the satisfaction of the customer.

Furnished Apartments in Hämeenlinna

Hämeenlinna is Finland’s oldest inland city and the birthplace of composer Jean Sibelius on the shore of Vanajavesi.

Hämeenlinna has been a strong school, administrative and garrison city. Well-known sights and places to visit include Häme Castle, Aulanko and Ahvenisto. The Kantola Event Park hosts some of the world’s most famous rock bands every year.

The civil engineering company Movax and SSAB Europe, which employs around 900 people, are located in Hämeenlinna.

Furnished apartments. Rental. Accommodation Project. Easily. Quickly. With high quality. Condo.fi.

If you need project accommodation or furnished apartments in Hamina you have come to right place. We have specialized for accommodate big groups



3 Rooms + Kitchen + Sauna  •  4 Beds  •  75m2 • Balcony

Hongistonkuja 2 B 10,
13500 Hämeenlinna



3 Rooms + Kitchen + Sauna  •  2 Beds  •  75m2 • Balcony

Hongistonkuja 2 B 12,
13500 Hämeenlinna



3 Rooms + Kitchen + Sauna  •  2 Beds  •  75m2 • Balcony

Hongistonkuja 2 C 15,
13500 Hämeenlinna

Why Condo`s furnished apartments?


Arrange your employees´ accommodation with ease and certainty. ​Tell us your desired location, how many people and the estimated rental period. Condo.fi will take the rest.


Condo´s stock of furniture and appliances means our Furnishing Team ​is ready to set up a new apartment anytime and anywhere in Finland, quickly and efficiently.

Like home

Condo focuses on quality and comfort. Our furnished apartments are designed for comfortable living ​and we cater to the needs of your employees.

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