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Condo.fi is providing furnished apartments and short term rental accommodation in Tornio for companies.  If you are looking for a short term rental in Tornio or a furnished apartment in Tornio or to accommodate your employees for a long period of time in Tornio you have come to the right place. You can get rental furnished apartments and accommodation for your employees in Tornio up to 100 people in as little as 8 days. This is an outstanding solution compared to an airbnb or a hotel accommodation in Tornio.

Fill Out The Quotation Request From Here. We Will Get Back To You Very Shortly. Usually within 24 hours.

Tornio is a border and industrial city in Lapland and the center of the Tornio River Valley. Together with Haparanda, Sweden, it forms a unique, international twin city on the border between two kingdoms.
The dual cities of the two time zones meet the Finnish and Swedish languages and culture, border trade, Europe’s largest free-flowing river, the sea, and the lively flow of traffic and tourists. The new, common center of the twin city is growing at the border of the kingdom at the best time.
Tornio is one of the most industrialized cities in Finland. Tornio’s most important employer is Outokumpu Oy, whose Tornio stainless steel plant employs over 2,000 people. Thanks to Outokumpu, a strong metal and engineering center has emerged in the Torp industrial area. Outokumpu has recently planned to expand its ferrochrome plant.
Until August 2010, there was a 130-year-old beer and soft drink factory in Suensaari, Tornio, which produced Hartwall’s internationally renowned Lapin Kulta beer. The brewery employed 200-300 people at its best. In 2016, the Lappari Adventure Factory was founded on the factory property, and it has several actors, including Club Theatria and Tornio Brewery.

Get An Accommodation Fast And Easy In Tornio

Whether you have projects to work on in Tornio or you are staying for a long period and need furnished apartments with all the needed services in Tornio. It might be challenging to find and manage furnished apartments with cleaning, bedclothes, laundry, as well as wifi and parking. We are here to help you with your stay in Tornio You will get all the needed furnished apartments in Tornio from us. 

All of our serviced apartments include:

  • Good beds
  • Blackout curtains
  • Lot’s of kitchen equipment and dishes
  • Internet 
  • Washing machine or access to it.

All you have to do is let us know what are the requests and services that you need, and we will make that happen. We can provide furnished apartments and accommodations in Tornio for over 100 people in a short notice time.

Just let us know the following information: 

  • How many people need accommodation in Tornio
  • Location
  • Estimated length of stay
  • How many people can share the same room

We will take care of you and your employees. Send us an inquiry or give us a call at + 358 40 1259 291
Below you can also see some photos of our furnished apartments.



3 Rooms + Kitchen  •  6 Beds  •  79.5m2 • Balcony

Tellervontie 4 E 45,
95410 Tornio



3 Rooms + Kitchen  •  4 Beds  •  79,5m2
• Balcony

Tellervontie 4 E 39,
95410 Tornio



2 Rooms + Kitchen  •  5 Beds  •  64,5m2  •  Balcony

Tellervontie 4 E 40
95410 Tornio



3 Rooms + Kitchen  •  6 Beds  •  79.5m2 • Balcony

Tellervontie 4 A 1,
95410 Tornio



3 Rooms + Kitchen  •  4 Beds  •  79,5m2 • Balcony

Metsolantie 10 C 19,
95410 Tornio



3 Rooms + Kitchen  •  6 Beds  •  79,5m2  •  Balcony

Metsolantie 10 C 22,
95410 Tornio



2 Rooms + Kitchen  •  5 Beds  •  64.5m2 • Balcony

Metsolantie 10 C 24,
95410 Tornio



3 Rooms + Kitchen  •  6 Beds  •  79,5m2 • Balcony

Metsolantie 8 B 16,
95410 Tornio



2 Rooms + Kitchen  •  5 Beds  •  64m2  •  Balcony

Metsolantie 10 D 36,
95410 Tornio



3 Rooms + Kitchen  •  6 Beds  •  79.5m2 • Balcony

Tapiolantie 7 E 42,
95410 Tornio



3 Rooms + Kitchen  •  6 Beds  •  79,5m2 • Balcony

Tapiolantie 7 A 9,
95410 Tornio



3 Rooms + Kitchen  •  6 Beds  •  74m2  •  Balcony

Röyttäntie 4 A 6,
95420 Tornio



3 Rooms + Kitchen  •  6 Beds  •  74m2 • Balcony

Röyttäntie 4 A 2,
95420 Tornio

Why Condo`s furnished apartments?


It is easy for your company. You can get all the needed apartments and services in one place and by the same provider. You don’t need to worried about how to arrange new furnished apartments, cleaning or other services. We will take care of everything and you have just one provider to arrange all of your furnished apartments


As your manpower can change very fast, we are committed to arranging new furnished apartments for your company extremely fast. If we do not have apartments available, our furnishing team will furnish new apartments for your company. We can get new apartments anywhere in Finland and we have a huge reserve of furniture to furnish new apartments fast

Like home

Our number one target is that people enjoy staying in our furnished apartments. Apartments are designed especially for the worker’s good living. The kitchen is equipped with lots of cooking equipment like big pots, pans, oven, fridge. Also, good night sleeps are a guarantee with blackout curtains and good beds. There is always access to a washing machine or you can select own washing machine for each apartment. We will take care of your employees

quotation request

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