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Elcoline Piping considers Condo.fi strengths as speed, flexibility and clear pricing

Elcoline Piping Oy’s people work on projects around the world throughout the year. Work teams need high-quality accommodation to run projects smoothly. The company uses the services of Condo.fi, which specializes in furnished apartments and project accommodation.

Although Elcoline Piping is headquartered in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the unit’s staff is working in the Varkaus office and in projects around the world, right now mainly in the Nordic countries. Condo.fi has arranged accommodation for Elcoline Piping people in city of Lahti and Sweden during the autumn.

Elcoline Piping, which specializes in the manufacture, installation, repair and maintenance of process pipelines, is in constant need of accommodation for its employees in various projects.

Easy project accommodation through Condo.fi is an important part of the success of the project for the company.

“The flexibility, clear pricing and responsiveness of the accommodation company will help you plan, receive and execute the contracts,” says Essi Korhonen, Elcoline Piping’s management assistant.

In his view, pre-furnished apartments are in many ways a better solution for travelers’ accommodation than hotels, for example.

– Compared to hotel accommodation, homelike accomondation have the advantage, among other things, of accommodating more employees in a single spacious apartment, which is usually cheaper. In general, accommodations are also more spacious than Hotel Rooms.

Workers have the opportunity to prepare their own meals, and in accommodation with a washing machine, they can wash work clothes. Employees enjoy flats tailored to the needs of businesses.

– Employee satisfaction is a prerequisite for a successful project, Korhonen emphasizes.

One-stop accommodation for a project-focused company is also effortless.

– One of the most important advantages of project accommodation mapping could be the rapid response of the service provider to the need, value for money and flexibility, Korhonen praises.

Elcoline Piping Oy is one of the five operating units of its parent company Elcoline Group, which is currently headquartered in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. However, the unit’s office will move to Jätkäsaari on December 1st. In total, Elcoline Piping employs about 60 people.

Elcoline Piping people in a Swedish project accommondating by Condo.fi

Photo: Elcoline Piping Oy

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