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How You Can Get Hotel Room Upgrades!

I am writing this blog post at the Sokos Hotel Torni 11th floor. Do you want to know secret and start to get room upgrades?
Last years I have traveled a lot and most of the cases I have got free room upgrades even amazing hotels than Marina bay sands and now Sokos Hotel Torni the second time.

And the secret is…..

You need to ask for it! Every time I will check in the hotel I will ask top-floor room and most of the cases I will get it and free of charge of course.

Second important point is that you need to dress well. As hotels have made big work to get hotel areas so cool and nice they like to reward people who will respect that.

The third point is that you need to believe every time that you will get the best room!

And when you believe, you ask and take the action you will receive that!

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Have an amazing week!

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