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In Condo’s furnished apartments, homely and high-quality furniture are important factors

Condo Oy is a long-term partner of JYSK, which offers apartments and project accommodation for company employees in Finland and Sweden. The apartments are furnished with JYSK furniture and textiles, so that the residents’ comfort and living in them would be as home-like as possible during the work project.

For Condo’s customers, speed, easy and home-likeness of the apartments are important. JYSK must also respond to this requirement.

– The furniture must be easy and quick to assemble. The furniture must withstand several moves and the furniture must be compatible with each other. The quality and durability of the products have been factors why we started cooperation with JYSK, says Condo CEO Jaakko Räsänen.

Condo currently offers furnished apartments in dozens of locations in Finland and Sweden.

Cooperation with JYSK is smooth and we get good customer service

The operational reliability of furniture is one of the most important factors – good anticipation is a prerequisite for smooth service.

– We work closely with Condo’s team. We have put together a suitable selection of products that are quickly available in our online store or directly in our stores, says JYSK B2B manager Iivari Hovi.
– JYSK’s corporate team members understand our situation and are always there to help us. We can count on getting the products quickly.

Accommodation needs sometimes come on a fast schedule, and thanks to JYSK’s comprehensive store network, we have made the furnishing and decorating of the apartments work smoothly, says Räsänen with satisfaction.

Condon Group Oy’s goal is to expand to the countries of Northern Europe

Räsänen says that the company has made strong growth and doubled its turnover compared to the previous year. The five-year plan is to triple the turnover and expand to other Northern European countries.

– 95% of our customers are international companies around the world. Our growth is supported by our satisfied customers who recommend us, rejoices Räsänen.

Condo’s advantage is the speed of organizing home-like accommodation for large groups close to the construction site. Along with organic growth, plans for the future also include acquisition arrangement.

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