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M4Wind work crew is in Condo’s good hands

Polish M4Wind is one of the international companies that rely on accommodation solutions organized by Condo Group Oy in its Finnish projects.

M4Wind is a green energy company responsible for the monitoring, installation and operation of wind farms in several European countries. The Polish company likes the speed of Condo service and the quality of accommodation.

-Cooperation with Condo is very important because we always try to find the best accommodation for our technicians. Often local companies know better the local market, so their services are very valuable to us, says project coordinator Karol Szczepaniak from M4Wind.

Condo Group has provided furnished apartments and customized project accommodation. There have been work teams on large wind farm sites and housed in many locations.

Good accommodation solutions make it possible for M4Wind’s employees to be satisfied and the contracts to be handled more easily.

-Fresh and rested employees are doing their jobs better. We are looking for places for our people where they can cook for themselves and where they have privacy in their own rooms,

A polish company wants to offer its employees homely accommodation instead of hotel accommodation. Workers appreciate the quality of the accommodation and the apartments have self-catering kitchens.

-The biggest advantage is the ability to use the kitchen because our employees want to cook for themselves and save money this way.

Szczepaniak sees that the cornerstones of the cooperation with the Condo Group are, among other things, the ease of services. The company gets everything on a one-stop-shop basis and quickly when needed.

-We also know that the quality of accommodation is good. Our employees do not complain, although usually they want and a lot, laughs Szczepaniak.

According to him, the cooperation between M4Wind and Condo is at a very good level.

– When a problem arieses, it does not take long to clear. And there are not many problems, praises Szczepaniak.

M4Wind is an internationally operating green energy company providing wind farm project installation, healt&safty an management services throughout Poland as well as in Denmark, Germany and other countries developing wind technology. In Finland, the company has annual contracts.

-We have 2-3 big projects a year where we need 30-40 people on site and accommodation for them.

Since 2003, M4Wind has supervised the construction of wind farms at all stages of the projects.

-Last year we have built 45 turbines, this year the goal is to install more than 60 turbines and next year we have already ordered more than 80 turbines. Our installation team has 100 employees this year and almost 40 in the HSE team in charge of the environment, health and safety, Szczepaniak calculates.

A total of 1,691 turbines have been installed by M4Wind, generating 4,671 megawatts of wind power. In Finland, M4Wind has installed 79 turbines.

You can visit the M4Wind from the link below:



The request for quotation can be submitted directly from Condo.fi’s website: https://www.condo.fi/quotation-request/

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