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Maria wants Condo on everyone’s lips

New winds are blowing at Condo Group Oy, as the energetic Maria Varneslahti has made her sleeves sway.

Maria, who started as a customer and service manager at Condo in September, aims to improve the customer processes and service operations of the company, which focuses on accommodating work teams.

-We have to be like one family, we have to have sharpness and we have to be service-minded, says Maria.

According to her, the starting point is that the customer must be listened to and understood.

-We need to be a proactive and friendly customer helper who sticks to promises and agreed things. We strive to meet customer expectations and even exceed expectations.

Condo has growth potential as the project accommodation business is booming despite the corona virus. However, the company needs to stand out from the competition and file processes.

-The goal is that in about five years we will be on the lips of every big company. When companies have a big construction site, then Condo is the one where you can get accommodation individually, quickly and flexibly, says Maria.

At Condo Group Oy, she sees a lot of good and potential. The sales side is fine, but there is room for improvement in service and customer processes.

-We have now honed Condo values. They must guide all action. Everyone needs to understand why we work and for whom.

According to Maria, there is a promise of cooperation, discussion and ideation. Everyone must be one family. Interpersonal skills are emphasized; there must be care and empathy, humanity and encouragement.

-You must be able to abandon the hierarchy. Everyone must blow into the same coal and everyone must have a common goal.

During her career, Maria has worked in Espoo and Savonlinna, among others, in trade and banking. At Nordea, he ended up as a trainer for new employees.

Even though the career sucked with her for a moment, slowly the work began to feel like repetition. When the options for advancement did not seem to his liking, in 2012 she set out in search of himself in the Far East.

-I study what I want from my life. Then it was time to have a child and return to Finland.

However, she resigned from banking, after which self-examination began; a couple of years of working with herself.

-I found yoga and Zen. I learned to control myself in different situations. I became aware that I wanted to enjoy my work.

Maria also found a wellness-bachelor’s degree in wellness at Savonia University of Applied Sciences, which combined well-being with the commercial sector.

-I dived into digital marketing and consumer psychology. I was interested in how to get continuity in the business of companies.

Business should not be just sales but communication with people; satisfaction of wants and needs.

During her studies, Maria discovered service design and got to do a business development project with Voimatel. It focused on managing the life cycle of electric car charging plugs and exploring how it fits into customer needs.

-Make sure I want to do business development assignments and service design.

After the project, Maria had in mind to start her own business. The business plan down to the website was ready.

-However, I was told that Condo and CEO Janne are looking for a customer and service manager. I applied for a job, got an interview and got a job.

Maria is from Russia, from where the road took her to Mikkeli at the age of 7.

Maria, who has lived in Varkaus for a couple of years with her husband and children, speaks Russian fluently, so in the future Russian customers will also receive service from Condo in their mother language.

In her free time, Maria knits. And of course studying. Strengthening competence is present not only in work, but also in one’s own life.

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