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New owner for Condo Group

Janne Immonen (vas.), Jaakko Räsänen ja Ville Valorinta
Condo Group Oy in Varkaus, which focuses on project accommodation and furnished apartments, has changed owners. In the acquisition, Condo Group will be transferred from its current owner Janne Immonen to Opema Oy in Pori.

In the acquisition, Condo’s current staff, which includes sales, warehousing, transportation and office, will be transferred to the new owner as former employees. Jaakko Räsänen, who has previously served as Condo’s Chief Operating Officer, has started as the company’s new CEO.

Janne Immonen, who founded Condo Group, says that now was a good time for acquisitions. Despite Covid19, the company has been growing strongly in recent years.

– When Corona hit, it was quite a shock to the accommodation business. But we worked hard, we went crazy, we made a profit and our turnover grew. When a group came up that still wanted to grow and develop Condo, now was a good time to jump aside and take it easier.

Immonen, who will continue as the company’s advisor and consultant, is pleased with Condo’s growth to date. In five years, net sales increased from zero to almost two million.

– The company has made a good profit and turnover increased despite the corona. The personnel will continue to work for the new owner and it will ensure the continuity of the company, says Immonen with satisfaction.

The new owner Opema Oy sees a lot of growth potential in Condo and project accommodation. There are many different projects in progress in Finland that require furnished housing.

– Condo has a great success story in Varkaus and a reliable and knowledgeable staff for project accommodation. With the change of ownership, we now want to further accelerate Condo’s growth, says Ville Valorinta from Opema Oy.

– We believe that with the new ownership base, we will be able to offer the service on an even wider scale throughout Finland.

Valorinta has a long experience in the accommodation industry. He has been the CEO of Hotelzon and Omena Hotels, among others.

Condo founder Janne Immonen will also continue to develop his Rock Your Day concept. The aim is to invest in activities focused on consulting, training and motivational speeches for companies, and possibly also to increase real estate investments.

Immonen will continue as the owner of the automatic hotel Vanhan Postitalo through the new company Hotelli Vanhan Postitalo Oy. Condo’s office from Vanha Postitalo building and the warehouse in Kuvansi recently moved to common premises on Relanderinkatu in Varkaus.

Condo Group’s turnover in 2021 was just under EUR 1.9 million and the company made a profit of more than EUR 92,000. The company has employed eight people on a permanent basis and the furniture team as subcontractors.


Additional information: Condo Group Oy, Jaakko Räsänen 040 1244979, Rock Your Day, Janne Immonen 040 1259291, Opema Oy, Ville Valorinta 0405655412


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