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Paine Group relies on Condo as a host for work teams

Condo Group Oy’s customers, who organize project accommodation, do not have to take pressure (paine in finnish) when they need accommodation for their work teams. Not even Paine Group Oy, an industrial service house in Kymenlaakso, despite its name.

Paine Group, like many other companies, has relied on accommodation arranged by Condo when managing its contracts in various parts of Finland. From Condo you get all the service from one door.

-Outsourcing of accommodation arrangements has been important to us. It is now easier for us to get to work farther than in the Kymenlaakso area and accept contracts from elsewhere. Otherwise, it would be difficult to go north with 30 or a hundred men, for example, says Markus Mahlanen, Paine Group’s business director.

Recently, Condo has arranged accommodation for Paine in the Oulu region for about 50 employees.

– Project accommodation in furnished apartments makes sense because employees can cook themselves and have washing machines in use. Work teams are able to live like at home and live a normal life.

Mahlanen reminds that a certain level of quality can be ensured in housing through Condo.

-It’s important for employees. And the prices are competitive compared to hotels, for example.

The strengths are speed and flexibility

Mahlanen also considers the speed, ease and flexibility of transactions to be Condo’s strengths. That is why Paine Group uses the services of a reliable project host.

-Projects in our area often come quickly and accommodation has to be arranged up to a week. Of course, we always try to anticipate things and possible future projects with Condo, Mahlanen describes.

He praises that the collaboration with Condo has worked well. He especially gives praise to customer service.

-They have really helpful people at work. CEO Janne Immonen and other staff are helpful, flexible and friendly, emphasizes Mahlanen.

Paine Group Oy

Paine Group Oy is an industrial service house in Kymenlaakso that operates throughout Finland.

The company has extensive experience in a variety of operating environments such as oil, gas, bioenergy, thermal power, forest industry and chemical plants.

Paine Group offers comprehensive turnkey package solutions that include everything from design to the finished plant or product.

The company’s most traditional area of ​​expertise is pressure equipment and industrial piping. At the heart of the expertise are also comprehensive workshop operations, industrial maintenance and lifting, transport, dismantling and installation services.

The company’s office is located in Kouvola. Paine Group Oy employs about 100 people; In Kymenlaakso, about 20 and project-like people up to 80 people.

The request for quotation can be submitted directly from Condo.fi’s website: https://www.condo.fi/quotation-request/


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