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Privacy Policy

Condo Group Oy Privacy Statement  The data controller has an obligation to inform the data subject with a clear record. This leaflet fulfills the information obligation.

  1. Registrar

Condo Group Oy 

Contact information: 

Wahlinkatu 8 78250 Varkaus 

Contact details for registry issues

Immonen Janne Wahlinkatu 8 78250 Varkaus 0401259291 janne@condo.fi 

Contact details of the DPO, as appropriate: 

Data Protector Officer Janne Immonen Wahlinkatu 8 78250 Varkaus 0401259291 janne@condo.fi 

  1. Registered

Customers, potential customers.

  1. Grounds for and purpose of keeping the register

Reason for keeping the register:

  • eg Personal Data is Processed on the basis of Registered Customer Relationships Purpose of Personal Data Processing and Register Personal data are processed only for predefined purposes, which are:
  • customer relationship management 
  • telling about our services
  1. Personal data to be stored in the register

The customer register contains the following information: Contact information

  • name
  • address 
  • email 
  • phone number – billing information
  1. Rights of the data subject 

 The data subject has the following rights, the request for which must be made to Wahlinkatu 8, 78250  Varkaus. Right of rectification The data subject may request the rectification of incorrect or incomplete information concerning him. Right of objection The data subject may object to the processing of personal data if the person feels that personal data have been unlawfully processed. Prohibition of Direct Marketing The data subject has the right to prohibit the use of information for direct marketing. Right of deletion The data subject has the right to request the deletion of data if processing is not necessary. We process the request for removal, after which we either delete the information or provide a valid reason for not deleting the information. Please note that the controller may have a statutory or other right not to delete the information requested. The registrar is obliged to keep the accounting records for a period (10 years) specified in the Accounting Act (Chapter 2, section 10). Therefore accounting material cannot be removed before the deadline has expired. Withdrawal of consent If the processing of personal data relating to subject is based solely on consent and not, for example, on a customer relationship or membership, the data subject may withdraw the consent. The data subject may appeal against the decision to the Data Protection Officer

The data subject has right to request that we restrict the processing of the disputed data until such time as the matter can be resolved. Right to complain The data subject has the right to complain to the Data Protection Officer if the person feels that we are violating personal data when processing personal data. Contact details of the EDPS: www.tietosuoja.fi/fi/index/yhteystiedot.html 

  1. Regular sources of information

This is privately held customer registry, either from the customer himself or through the internet for business information. Our clients are primarily companies. We provide companies with furnished apartments all over Finland and abroad when needed. Our source of contact information, in addition to that provided by the customer, is the internet. Customer information is obtained regularly: Sales seek new customers online. We do not have any customer search program in place.

  • from customer to customer when a customer relationship is established 
  • from the customer themselves through an online form
  1. Regular Disclosures 

As a rule, information will not be disclosed for marketing purposes outside Condo Group Oy.

  1. Duration of treatment  

As a rule, personal data will be processed for as long as the customer relationship is valid.

  1. Processors of personal data

The customer register is used by the employees of Condo Group Oy. The controller and his employees process personal data. We may also partially outsource the processing of personal data to a third party, whereby by contractual arrangements we guarantee that the personal data will be processed in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and otherwise properly.

  1. Transfer of data outside the EU

Personal data will not be transferred outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

Data is routinely transferred outside the EU or the European Economic Area. When transferring data outside the EU and EEA, we will ensure an adequate level of protection of personal data, including by agreeing on issues of confidentiality and processing of personal data as required by law.

11. User tracking
We use Leadoo’s tracking service to follow what users are doing on the site and combine this behavioral data with
other data we can gather from e.g. chat interactions. Leadoo uses etag tracking in order to hook together the same
users behavior over several sessions. Please check out Leadoo Marketing Technologies Ltd’s Privacy Policy
(https://leadoo.com/privacy-policy/) for more information on what is tracked and what your rights are. Leadoo works
as the Processor and we work as the Controller for the data in terms of GDPR. You can stop the tracking by emptying
your browser’s cache after the visit. For more on how Leadoo works as a GDPR compliant processor, see