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Project accommodation


Project accommodation

Do you need project accommodation for your project or do you need cost information before you make your own quotation to the customer?

We can carry out all project accommodation and furnished apartments need for your project. We will do that Fast, Easy and Certainly. Accommodation needs might be from a few days up to many years.

Our project accommodation service will arrange for small project 1-2 apartments and bigger project we can arrange accommodation and apartments for up to 200 people.

When you are using our services you will save time, energy, money, and your own nerves as you do not need to try to find apartments where all employees can be accommodated or where you might get more apartments as we will do that for you.

Price for project accommodation depends on location, how long time project accommodation needs and selected furnitures level and extra services.

Why accommodate for Condo.fi project accommodation?

✓ We are working fast.

✓ We have back up furniture for many apartments in our warehouse all the time.

✓ People like to stay at our apartments as there is everything they need for a good accommodation and we have taken care of their requirements.

✓ All apartments furniture are basically the same so all the employees are on the same line as everybody has similar apartments.

What We Need

To make an offer, we need the following information from your side

  • Site address and City
  • Preliminary starting date
  • Roughly manning plan or how many persons need project accommodation
  • How many people can stay in one room
  • Can people also sleep in the living room
  • Also, it is good too if you have some special requirements and extra services

When you are our project accommodation customer you are our priority customer. That means that fast accommodation and newly furnished apartments that you need will get priority service and we arrange accommodation services so fast to make it possible. We have even furnished new apartments on the same day.

Furniture levels

Different levels to suit your needs


Good beds
Chair next to each bed
Extension lead for next to each bed
Blackout drapes
Carpets on the floor
Fully equipped Kitchen
Cutlery, crockery and utensils
Microwave, kettle
Water heater, appliances
Cleaning every two weeks
Bed clothes changing every two weeks


Everything from the basic
Customized solution
You can select premium side what you prefer


Everything from the basic
Own night tables
Own Night light
Extra closet (if needed)
Washing machine

Do you need project- or mill shutdown time accommodation or furnished apartments?

Tell us your needs and we will make your offer in the next 24 hours.

Available Cities

Where Condo.fi offer project accommodation?

We offer project accommodation all around Finland. We have successfully made project accommodations in:
















We are expanding all the time our cooperation network where we will get empty apartments for all around Finland. If your needed city is not in our list, you can still send us a free quotation Request and we will inform you what we can offer. We act very fast.

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