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The renovated Old Post House becomes an automatic hotel

Located on a parade ground in the center of Varkaus, the Old Post House – Vanha Postitalo – has now been renovated into a full-blooded hotel.
With a colorful history, the building offers guests a longer or short stay in an idyllic setting right in the heart of the city.
Janne Immonen, CEO of Condo Group Oy, which manages furnished homes and project accommodation throughout Finland, owns the Old Post House.
-The Old Post House has 15 renovated rooms and furnished apartments for 30 people. All rooms are luxuriously renovated and decorated, says Immonen.
All rooms have at least Wi-fi, TV, microwave, kettle, coffee maker, blackout curtains, extension cord next to the bed, mini fridge and wardrobe. In addition, public areas include a kitchen and a washing machine for guests’ use.
-We have three different room categories and a suite with balcony. The business room is very good and corresponds to a quality studio or hotel room with all the delights; There is a private kitchen, shower, toilet, sofa or armchair. It is a very good option for long or short stays.
Premium Room is a neat hotel room with private shower and toilet. There is also a TV, armchair, mini fridge and microwave, kettle, coffee maker, etc.
The basic room is a simple and neatly renovated and decorated room. The rooms include good beds, blackout curtains, mini fridge, microwave, kettle and coffee maker. The basic rooms have shared showers and toilets on the corridor side.
-A general kitchen and washing machine are also available for residents. Some of our guests enjoy staying in basic rooms for several months. The suite has also been magnificently renovated. It has a large balcony, two rooms, kitchen, private shower and toilet. The suite enjoys living for any length of time and at a really affordable price.
The Old Post House has its own homepage. Once the booking system is up and running, the house will become the first automatic hotel in the booming Condo Group.
– In the future, customers can buzz themselves online and enter with a door code. The Old Post House is the first destination of our ATM concept. These are to be done elsewhere, ”says Janne Immonen.

Artistic caretaker

Janne’s brother, visual artist Antti “Unski” Immonen is the soul and service director of the Old Post House. After years of Helsinki, he returned to Varkaus and moved to the house at the beginning of the year.
Unski is an artistic caretaker who serves clients in all matters and takes care of the historic building.
Artist Immonen says that in the future he will also be doing visual art in the house. Unski’s works have been on display in Helsinki and Varkaus in recent years. There will be a new exhibition in Helsinki this spring.
About twenty artist works are currently on display around the house. They can be found on the walls, both in the ballroom and in the rooms, for sale.

Historic building

The Old Post House is centrally located on the Päiviönsaari side of the center of Varkaus. The house was built in 1930 and was one of the first larger buildings in Varkaus.
As the name implies, the historic building was originally completed as a post office until the late 1980s.
After that, the building underwent a major renovation and the house was transformed into a music school in the 1990s. The city of Varkaus has been owned for more than 20 years. However, the building remained unused and after the change of ownership Janne Immonen bought the house in October 2017.

For more information, please contact: Janne Immonen, Managing Director of Condo Group Oy, Vanha Postitalo 040-1259291

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